Background & Foreground


sound in every space

However many experiences you offer under one roof, hutchison-t can help you create pitch-perfect sound in every space. 

On-brand music that taps into customers’ emotions from the moment of arrival. Energising tunes in high-intensity areas. Meditative, Zen-like instrumentals in treatment rooms. And in bars and dining areas, discreet background music that adds to the experience and never detracts from it.

All this – and more – from one integrated audio solution. A solution so smart that it can be customised to the different acoustic properties in each area. Yet so user-friendly that with the touch of a button you can change the music in individual zones to accentuate the mood, activity or time of day or night. Have one central control pad or have localised area controls – with your own bespoke audio solution, you get to choose.

Every little detail

For us, it’s about providing specialist sound solutions that not only meet but also exceed your expectations and those of your customers. Something that’s evident in the number of external accreditations we hold, including our thriving Bose® Pro Partnership. Renowned for the clarity and intelligible sound of their products, Bose® share our appreciation of the power of sound to enhance the customer experience in virtually every area of a venue.

Let hutchison-t show you what’s possible.