Group Exercise Studio Systems

Working as hard
in the studio as you.

High-performance sound. Multiple connectivity options ranging from iPod and MP3 to CD. Adjustable pitch and volume control. Just some of the things you’re guaranteed as standard with a sound system from hutchison-t.

And that’s only the start. Applying our audio engineering expertise to the latest audio equipment, we’ll customise a sound system to your exact needs and budget.

Versatile and durable

Large indoor studio? Our installed systems can fill the biggest of spaces with outstanding clarity and depth of sound. Moving from class to class? Our portable sound systems, complete with protective cases, are as versatile as they are durable.

In fact, each and every hutchison-t sound system is built to withstand the knocks, thumps and bumps that are part and parcel of the leisure environment. The result? No frustrating technical glitches, no need to cancel classes, no disappointed members.

Safety built-in

Because the safety of your members is every bit as important as their enjoyment, each installed system also comes with the ability to connect to your existing fire alarm. Meaning that in the event of the alarm being activated, the music will automatically cut out.

Let hutchison-t show you what’s possible.