in the spotlight: Hermès, Bond Street


French fashion house Hermès recently undertook an extensive renovation of their flagship store in the iconic Time Life building on New Bond Street, London. The refit reflects the luxury lifestyle ethos of this ultra-heritage brand, so classic minimalism and warmth are key. The spirit of Hermès is captured by the signature use of natural materials and quality manufacturing, and the store is punctuated with accents of leather, wood, and a terracotta mosaic floor bearing the familiar Hermès insignia.


In-house special events were an integral part of the vision for the new store, so an elegant audio solution that the management team could operate themselves was crucial. The stream of classical music that was to accompany the clink of champagne coupes and chatter had to be manageable across each section of the shop floor, and precise volume and tone control were needed to ensure the fluid ambience of such an intimate setting was maintained.


We worked directly with the Hermès operational management team, designers, and contractors to create a comprehensive audio solution which delivered on each of their individual needs. The Bose® Pro system supplies premium audio quality that is flexible enough to negotiate the demands of the beautiful interior space, and control is provided by mobile iPads that give managers full access to audio settings as they move between departments. To complete the customer’s immersion in the audio visual experience, three digital signage screens have been installed behind mirrored panels which are seamlessly integrated into the high-end shop fitments. Advertising content such as runway footage can be added and scheduled in-store or offsite direct from Hermès’ Parisian marketing headquarters. This provides unparalleled brand continuity through a nonetheless bespoke and detail-driven design.


By collaborating closely with each of the project stakeholders we fulfilled all of the requirements of this exclusive refurbishment. Our custom mobile control interfaces are a time-efficient and accessible solution to the sensitive ambient conditions of the store. Aesthetically and operationally, the AV installation as a whole repeats Hermès’ identity as an elite brand with a commitment to quality and craftsmanship. This has enabled Hermès to leverage their flagship investment to maximum effect.

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