Large Screen TV

Finely tuned

for greater impact.

A well-placed single display screen or network of screens can work wonders for engaging customers visually, immersing them in their surroundings and making them feel compelled to linger longer, whether in a retail outlet, fitness suite, hotel lounge or conference room.

In today’s multi-purpose leisure facilities, a high impact 3D or full HD resolution TV can create a sense of community during key sporting events such as the Olympics, Wimbledon or Formula 1. When positioned in a café, family area or bar, they can offer the added benefit of boosting sales of food and beverages.

Or, there’s the option of having a uniformed bank of screens. Used in conjunction with a wireless audio transmission, they can be a cost-effective way to connect gym equipment users to a wide choice of engaging content. Used without wireless, and they can still offer a range of subtitled content including sport and world news.

Benefit from the best

The applications are endless and with our wealth of expertise in large screen TV installation, we can guide you through the key considerations. Which display technology best suits your needs? What’s the optimum screen size based on the distance it will be viewed from? Where’s the best position to catch maximum footfall?

Then there’s the question of what functionality you require. On demand internet TV or free-to-air services. 3D or full HD resolution. Not forgetting presentation delivery and connectivity for conference room applications.

At hutchison-t, we’ll help you answer all of these and more. We’ll also think through the provision of structural frames, gantries and brackets, and how best to integrate your large screen TV to complement the interior architecture of your venue. That way, you don’t just get the best solution in terms of software, hardware and functionality, but aesthetics and installation too.

Let hutchison-t show you what’s possible.