Recent years have seen lighting technologies evolve at great pace. Not least the arrival of more user friendly, more cost effective, more energy efficient LED lighting. Suddenly, spectacular has become affordable.

Using up to 85% less energy and lasting up to 20 times longer than traditional bulbs, LED bulbs offer endless possibilities when it comes to lighting your venue.

Thanks to the spectrum of colours now available, you can:

  • Add warmth to an otherwise cold, large space.
  • Switch to a cool, refreshing scheme when it’s hot outdoors.
  • Create an oasis of calm in a treatment room.
  • Ramp up the energy levels in the gym or studio.
  • Stamp your brand signature onto your venue.

Then there are the many different kinds of lighting effects. Not least:

  • Uplighters to create features out of walls, staircases and windows
  • Downlighters to wash walls with light or colour
  • Pin spot lighting to draw the eye to key areas.
  • Disco effect lighting for instant atmosphere
  • LED lighting tape for subtle yet smooth effects in areas requiring flexibility.
Sync lighting with audio

Our in-house team of specialist lighting engineers can custom-design a solution that’s unique to your venue. Including, should you wish, integrating your lighting with your audio for effects that are perfectly in synch with the mood and beat of the music.

Let hutchison-t show you what’s possible.