Higher resolution

for higher impact.

3D holographic window displays. Virtual fashion shows promoting key lines of merchandise. Complete visual immersion via inspiring virtual scenery or motivational world-class instructors to keep gym members energised as they run, dance or cycle their way to their fitness goals. As projector technology continues to push boundaries, so too do its many uses.

Looking to understand which type of projector lamp is best suited to your operational needs? As a quick guide:

  • LED projectors – a popular choice when operational cost is an issue, thanks to their significantly longer lamp life and lack of warm-up or cool-down time
  • LCD projectors – ideal for set-ups in larger rooms and spaces, owing to their compatibility with zoom lenses and lens shift
  • DLP projectors – effectively immune to colour decay and misalignments, given they’re filter-free with a sealed chip design.

Looking for something truly out of the ordinary? We can apply cutting-edge projection technology to create a quality visual solution regardless of project limitations. Everything from dual lamp functionality and liquid-cooling systems for extended performance and stable operation in a non-stop environment, to curved and multi-projector edge blending for a scale of image simply not achievable from a flat screen TV.

Getting to know your brand vision is the first all-important step. From there we can advise you on the best projector technology to bring it to life and customise a solution to suit. From bespoke design, through to installation, and aftercare.

Let hutchison-t show you what’s possible.